Kid’s Kingdom Project

The Madison Kid’s Kingdom Playground at Dublin Park is a community playground project built in October 1997. The playground is open to the public – free of charge, during daylight hours. We are proud to support our community of Madison in not only rebuilding Kid’s Kingdom but making it accessible to ALL children. Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in the U.S., with the cities of Madison and Huntsville combining for 35,577, yet most playgrounds do not accommodate people with disabilities. We are committed to ensuring children with all abilities can play in parallel with their siblings and friends.

Madison City Schools, Madison, AL – Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is a district-wide initiative of Madison City Schools. The school district in partnership with several community organizations is raising awareness about the students’ mental health and well-being.


Partners in Education is a partnership between businesses and community organizations and K-12 school systems. This partnership creates positive impact, teach skills, and provide opportunities for students of all abilities.