LEAP is an approved continuing education program.


Health literacy focuses on an individual’s capacity to obtain, communicate, and understand basic health information, finances, and community resources. The goal is to empower the patient’s ability to make informed, self-appropriate health decisions.


Community education promotes social learning and development differences among individuals and groups. This track is also a resource hub and conversation platform to discuss topics related to rare disease, special health needs, and disability.


Patient advocacy promotes effective communication between patients and their healthcare providers. Advocacy is understanding the goals you have for your health, communicating those goals to others, and asserting your rights as a patient or caregiver. 

LEAP Continuing Education On Demand

LEAP into Advocacy Virtual Summit: Utilizing Social Health and Digital Concepts to Influence Critical Health Decisions


Newborn screening is a state public health service that reaches the nearly 4 million babies born in the United States each year.  An estimated 12,000 babies and their families benefit from newborn screening through the early detection of disease and the delivery of life-saving treatments. Typically performed within 24-48 hours after a baby is born, and in most cases, while still in the hospital, newborn screening is made up of three parts including a blood test, hearing screen, and heart screen. 

Newborn screening is widely recognized as one of the largest and most successful disease prevention programs in the history of the United States. Although nearly all babies born in the United States every year receive newborn screening, only about two out of three people are aware of newborn screening and only about one out of three people can correctly identify a definition of newborn screening.

Our partners at Expecting Health created a free educational module for families called Navigate Newborn Screening. In this short module, you will learn about the newborn screening process, questions to ask your healthcare provider, and more! Sign up today! ACCESS THE NAVIGATE NEWBORN SCREENING MODULE. Key Name: E.WE Foundation


We caught up with our friends at Expecting Health while attending the Global Genes 2022 Patient Advocacy Summit in San Diego! Check out this fun newborn screening collaboration video about a baby’s first test!

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