A rare diagnosis can cause you to ask questions about family, health, and genetics. Know Your Family History – KYFH is an initiative that encourages families to share their personal health stories – from one person to another. Knowing your family’s health history can help identify diseases that may run in your family. This information can help you understand the signs and symptoms of a potential condition and make better decisions for your health journey.

Understanding your family health history can lead to more accurate, timely, and inclusive diagnosis and accelerate and advance health equity in rare communities, communities of color, and underserved and underrepresented populations. Cultural and other barriers can prevent or limit how families access documentation and share important family health history. Our Know Your Family History initiative seeks to combat these barriers by sharing stories and resources that can help guide family conversations.

Family history is important, especially for communities of color. CEO & President Sarita Edwards joined our partners at Global Genes and the Rare Disease Diversity Coalition, RDDC, to talk about why you should care about your family’s history and how these conversations can impact your personal health goals.

October is National Family History Month. The E.WE Foundation invites you to talk to your family members about each other’s health condition and their impact on the family dynamic. Listen as we discuss the importance of knowing your family’s health history and how to start the conversation.

Guests: Maria Della Rocca, Senior Director of Patient Services at Global Genes and Molly Martzke, Senior Program Manager at the National Genetics Education and Family Support Center at Expecting Health

Guests: Kareem Edwards, VP of Operations at the E.WE Foundation and Heather Gjesvold, Community Leader and Advocate