Every year in the US, at least 1 in 7 children experience child abuse or neglect. Children with disabilities are at least three times more likely to be abused or neglected than their peers without disabilities. They are also more likely to be seriously injured or harmed by maltreatment. While no single risk factor indicates that a child will necessarily be the victim of abuse or neglect, children with disabilities and their families often encounter societal risk factors that may increase their risk.

The E.WE Foundation is committed to providing education, resources, and support to help prevent child abuse and neglect and improve the overall well-being of children with and without disabilities and their families.

April is Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month

Raising awareness about child abuse and neglect prevention is our priority. Join us as we talk about child abuse and neglect prevention, community resources, and support services available for families.

Our panelists: Sallye Longshore, Director, Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention, The Children’s Trust Fund and Stephanie Wright, Director of Family Services, UCP of Huntsville and Tennessee Valley.