The E.WE Foundation’s Internship Program is aimed at inspiring the next generation of health and advocacy workers in the health, nonprofit, and rare disease space. This internship allows us to collaborate with interns to better understand the health, financial, and social impacts of Edwards Syndrome, Trisomy 18, and other rare diseases.


The E.WE Foundation will soon recruit interns for our 2023 Cohort. Once accepted, interns will be matched with a leader of our development team for a period of 3-12 months. Individuals from racial and ethnic populations and/or underserved communities will be given priority consideration. Any final projects will be presented to the E.WE Foundation’s Internship Coordinator and its Board of Directors upon completion of the program. Required meetings and weekly time commitments will be determined by the Internship Coordinator.

Internship Activities & Educational Requirements

Interns will be responsible for completing projects and activities assigned to them by their respective coordinator. The E.WE Foundation may also assign the interns projects that will support the mission of the E.WE Foundation. Interns will participate in a virtual orientation at the beginning of the cohort and will subsequently engage in monthly learning sessions with a group of rare disease experts and partners of the E.WE Foundation.


Participating interns will receive a stipend of an undisclosed amount for their participation in the program from the E.WE Foundation. Sponsors are still be finalized. Please note: Receipt of full stipend is contingent upon program participation and completion.


For additional information regarding our program or internship opportunities, please contact us. If you are an E.WE Foundation partner organization interested in collaboratively hosting an intern, email us at