The E.WE Foundation is an approved Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners Continuing Education Provider.


Health literacy focuses on an individual’s capacity to obtain, communicate, and understand basic health information, finances, and community resources. The goal is to empower the patient’s ability to make informed, self-appropriate health decisions.


Community education promotes learning and social development among individuals and groups with differences, while also serving as a resource hub and conversations platform to discuss topics related to rare disease, disorders, and disabilities.


Patient advocacy promotes effective communication between patients and their healthcare providers. Advocacy is understanding the goals you have for your health, communicating those goals to others, and asserting your rights as a patient or caregiver. 

I attended the LEAP into Advocacy Virtual Conference and it was an awesome experience! The information available was very educational and informative. What I enjoyed most was the experiences and testimonials of the parents about why they advocate. I would encourage all who have not attended a LEAP event to do so; you too will be impacted. – K.P.

I left the LEAP virtual conference with a wealth of knowledge! Every speaker was well versed and very transparent. I think transparency is key to helping others better understand the importance in advocating for love ones, friends, and neighbors if need be. The topics on the agenda kept my attention for the entire duration of the conference. I am very appreciative that every speaker was willing to give their contact information in case there were more questions after the meeting. I do look forward to future events and conferences hosted by the E.WE Foundation. – S.J.