We decided to hike a water fall one Saturday; just to get out of the house. We drove about an hour or so away, packed lunches, and had a cooler filled with water for the trip. We walked trails and because the water was low, the rocked bottom of the riverbanks. We had to climb a lot of steep stairs to get to the bottom. It was hot but fun. I could feel the water spritzing my face as the winds blew just a little.


My big brother is in college. He is a senior. He is studying strength, performance, and conditioning in the kinesiology program. When he’s home, he helps me with my therapy. I had just gotten my wheelchair. Trying to get some strength in my arms, he would push me away and let me pull myself back to him. After a few reps (that’s workout talk), I was pooped!


There are some strange new things happening in 2020. One of those things is masks. Because of COVID, we have to wear masks if out in public. We have been quarantined since March; not going ANYWHERE! My Dad goes to work. My Mom goes to the store. The rest of us – the kids – stay home all the time. Even my big brother was home from college from spring break in March until he went back in August.

We decided to go paint rocks one Saturday morning. It was outside the fire house and everyone had on masks. Mom had a mask for me but I wasn’t having it. The weather was nice with a little breeze but the mask was too much. I guess I’ll go back to staying home if I have to be covered every time I go out. It was not fun.


I’m not really sure why I’ve become fascinated with my toes.. A few short years ago, I couldn’t even lift my leg up this high because my hips were so stiff. Somehow, my toe has made it’s way to my mouth.. and, this particular day, I couldn’t stop!


Floor time with my siblings is always fun!

Even though my floor seat is getting too small; I enjoy sitting eye-to-eye with others. We decided to play a board game. It was Jeremiah’s idea. But, me and Josiah are the ones playing.

A friendly game – turned battle. And I won (*evil laugh*).


We picked up my new wheelchair! I have always struggled with self mobility. I was either being carried or pushed around in a stroller. We used an infant stroller (a stroller with the infant carrier attached) until I was 2, maybe 2½. We used it from time-to-time without the carrier; and even less as I got closer to 3. Sometimes Dad would use our Kangaroo pouch.

Now, I have wheels! My new wheelchair is pretty cool. It’s flexible, easy to store, and I can use it in the house (unlike the stroller).


My primary source of mobility was a stroller with an infant carrier attachment. From time-to-time we would remove the carrier and use the stroller by itself. When I wasn’t using the stroller, Dad would carry me or use a Kangaroo chest pouch.

I started using an infant walker six months ago. It was the first time I practiced movement on my own. The walker made it easier to maneuver around on the hardwoods, but I had trouble moving around on the carpet. As I grow, the walker is becoming more and more troublesome to use.

Now I have a gait trainer. I’ve been using the gait trainer for about a month. Unlike with the infant walker, I can practice using the gait trainer with my AFO’s and I can move freely across the carpet.


I was born weighing 5lbs, 11oz. That’s small compared to my brothers and sister. After 3 days of very little nutrition, I went home weighing 4lbs, 11oz. I probably wore a newborn diaper the first few months of my life. I remember celebrating when I finally reached a size 1.

Now weighing a little over 20 pounds, at 3 years old, I need a 3½. A 3 is too small; a 4 is too big. Slow growth is still growth.

Side note: My sister twisted my hair in this picture. 🤪