The Mask

So… this whole mask thing just isn’t working for me.. I know I need to wear one but I can’t. They’re too big for my face and anything that blocks my airway even a little bit makes me not be able to breathe good.

My Mom got this one from a lady she knows. It fits better than any other one I’ve tried but it’s still too big. Mom says as long as everyone around me has on a mask I’m okay. She still won’t let me go anywhere though..

I Started School

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to feel about starting school. It’s a new adventure that I get to wake up early for. I’m away from my Mom all day. It’s not terrible, it’s just different. I’m going 5 days a week. I get there at maybe 7:35 in the morning. We play and sing and learn stuff. I see 3 therapy people – speech, PT, and OT. We go outside too and I like the swing. We start packing up our stuff around 1:45 I guess and my Mom comes back to get me at like 2:10pm.

It’s a long day especially when you’ve been at home for over 4 years. Here’s me on the first day with my teacher. I think I have to go everyday forever..

Here’s me after Mom picked me up. I’m pooped!


Doctor appointment shenanigans! I was being silly while we waited for the Orthopedic doctor to come in the room.

I had an ultrasound on my stomach and a xray. They showed a new symptom called hip dysplasia that we just found out about but I’ve had it since birth. The doctor asked my mom if I had Trisomy 18 and said he didn’t think we needed to do anything.

I heard mom tell dad, “I knew when he asked me if Elijah has Trisomy 18 he wasn’t going to do anything”. You wanna know the funny thing? I knew it too.