I have been home with Mom the past 2 days because I wasn’t feeling good. My ear is draining and my nose is runny. I had a little fever too so we saw the doctor. The doctor did a test for COVID and flu – I didn’t like it. They put this stick thing up my nose, two times! Both of my test were negative but they said I have upper respiratory infection. I have 2 medicines that I have to take a a lot of days.

It stinks but at least I can stay home with Mom!


I got a new play area! I started rolling all over the place! I can sit up by myself and I can get on my hands and knees and not fall. My Mom got me this really big “playpen” – I say play area because playpen sounds like it’s for a baby – so I can move and not bump into stuff. It’s big enough for my sister and brothers to take turns and get in with me.

I love it!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2022! A few days after the new year I was admitted to the hospital. I had to have a lot of procedures and I couldn’t eat any foods. I was there 4 days! I’m not sure if I was scared because my Mom was there too. My Dad was at home with my brothers and sister.

Everyone was nice to me. I cried a little bit but I’m still a big boy. I’m glad it’s over!